Winter Rentals

2018/19 Winter Rentals are now LIVE!!



Winter Rental…8 month Rental…School Year Rental…Kelowna Short Term Rentals…September to End of April, Corporate Rental in Kelowna, no matter how you want to phrase it, I think you will find we have the largest selection available of suites/units/condos in Kelowna.


We have been helping renters with accommodation for the main school year for more than 13 years now.

You can NOT book an extended rental online – all available units are blocked off – so you will have to submit an application.

List of Currently Available Suites

A selection of suites are available for shorter periods: Corporate/Special requirements. (call direct for assistance) 1.250-860-7368

During the Period of September 1st through to April 30th each year, DKRA turnover most of its inventory to the local student orientated community here in Kelowna BC – including the general public. Nearly all our vacation Rental stock are then placed into an 8-month rental lease program. As such, ALL our winter rentals are blocked off from our online calendars to avoid overlap. DKRA need to perform its due diligence on all prospective tenants – so you WILL have to email in your application with your unit choices filled in.  Before submitting an application, take the time to view the AVAILABLE  suites on the published list via the link below.


We cater for all of the community who are looking for rental accommodations during the main school year – we sometimes on application, are able to extend our standard lease until  may 15th for those that have courses finishing later in the year, have sporting commitments, or those just requiring a little bit more time to find their next rental location or destination. To that end, we accommodate, students, faculty and the general public.

Building a house or had an insurance incident? Fire – Flood – We can possibly accommodate you and your family!

Send us an email or give us a call and lets see what rates packages we can offer. – 1.250-860-7368

We can even deal direct with your insurance agent for payments (pre-approved applicants). 

If you are a student, you will most likely have to have a Parent or Guardian sign onto the lease with you, definitely if you are under 25 years of age. For all applicants, we require basic details such as last address, landlord and some information on gross earnings. Each person named on a DKRA lease, must adhere to this application process for it to move forward.


We always ask that you submit your application with a 1st and 2nd choice of suite so that we may accommodate your requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please remember, we take in a substantial amount of lease requests and have several applications come in for a single advertised suite. So please have a couple of choices in case you are not the first applicant for the suite in question.

DKRA operate on a first come first serve basis, and therefore our sitting tenants will always get priority on re-renting or substitute renting the following year. We do NOT guarantee that you will be able to come back the following year on any of our suites as we have to take in mitigating circumstances when applications are received. Applications are required for each year of rental, even if it’s your 4th year with DKRA, as any strata incidents, such as fines or warnings may count against you – we always advise you to be a good tenant so that you may rent from us the next year or receive a favorable reference for your next landlord.

To secure your unit for rental, DKRA need (1)Have a signed lease by all intended renters (including parent/guardian), (2)Have a signed Mutual End of Tenancy form (3) Collect the Security/Damage deposit, BEFORE it is considered secured and taken off our published list.

Note: DKRA can NOT use your current Security/Damage deposit as a down payment on the following year.

Please click on this highlighted link to view the list:

List of Currently Available Suites

Move-out Schedule 2018