CheckIn Desk Location: All Resorts (*except Pinnacle Pointe when appropriate)
206-1180 Courtyard Sunset Drive, Kelowna, BC, Canada. V1Y 9W6
Please use the steps to the right of Bouchons restaurant on Sunset drive.
Come up to the first floor and turn to your left.
Our office is the last door on the left
Kelowna Resort Accommodations – 206

*For Pinnancle Pointe Resort, please let us know your etimated time of arrival the day before arriving, this way
we can have someone meet you at the resort instead of coming downtown. But please do let us know wehre you are
coming from so we can best decide where to pick up keys from.


Resort Locations:

BellaSera Tuscan Villas 1795 Country Club Drive, Kelowna BC, V1V 2R6
DISCOVERY BAY RESORT 1088 Sunset Drive, Kelowna BC, V1Y 9W1                               KAS 2503
Herons 1 @ AT WATERSCAPES 1083 Sunset Drive, Kelowna, V1Y9Z1                                KAS 3589
Herons 2 @ AT WATERSCAPES 1099 Sunset Drive, Kelowna, V1Y 9Z2                              KAS 3589
Osprey 1 @ AT WATERSCAPES 1089 Sunset Drive, Kelowna, V1Y 9Z3                               KAS 3589
PLAYA DEL SOL RESORT 654 COOK RD KELOWNA BC, V1W 3G7                                   KAS 3262
PINNACLE POINTE RESORT 1873 & 1875 Country Club Drive, Kelowna BC, V1V 2W6  KAS 3430
SUNSET WATERFRONT RESORT 1128 Sunset Drive, Kelowna BC, V1Y 9W7                    KAS 2849
SKYE TOWER @ AT WATERSCAPES 1075 Sunset Drive, Kelowna, V1Y 9Y9                      KAS 3589


Summer:              8am – 6pm:       (250) 860-7368
Winter:                 9am – 5pm:         same as above
Summer:               8am – 7pm:       (250) 317-1987
Winter: =              9am – 4pm:         same as above
Emergency:          24hrs                  (250) 575-1417

Ensure both the cable box and TV are turned on.
~ Ensure the right input by adjusting it using “INPUT/SOURCE” on your TV remote.
If your remote is not working please ensure that you have the correct setting selected.
~ For SHAW remotes “CBL”. For TELUS remotes “STB”.

1) If you enter your x digit code and your door attempts to unlock (whrrrr!) but does not please pull
the door towards you and re-enter your passcode simultaneously.
2) If you make a mistake when entering your 4 digit – press the lock key to reset
3) If you enter your 4 digit code and a long continuous beep is heard, wait 2 full minutes before retrying.
(You have three attempts before a mandatory lock out is enabled – for security reasons)
4) If you enter your code and nothing happens (no sounds or lock not engaging Whrrr!) please call us at the numbers below.

Check out is strictly 10:00 am, no exceptions.
1) Ensure that all garbage is removed by placing it in the garbage chute beside the elevator.
Recyclables can be taken to the “Garbage Room” off the main Lobby
2) All dishes will need to be cleaned, or in the process of being cleaned.
Kitchen Soap and Dishwashing tabs are provided.
3) Please leave fobs in the envelope provided on your kitchen counter.
Please text us at 250-317-1987 – with room number and time of departure.