Issues: (A/C) Air Conditioning / Heating (Heat Pump)

Air Conditioning

If your A/C is NOT working, please contact our office during business hours to report. In the meantime, a quick fix may be accomplished by resetting the system.

Before attempting any of the instructions below, please make sure that you and your hads do not have water on them (i.e. towel off after shower or pool before touching anything electrical 😉

  1. Find your electrical breaker Panel (A flat panel with a small plastic sliding opener – usually Grey in colour).
  2. Inside you will find all of the suite’s electrical fuses – called breakers!
  3. It may be located in: The Laundry or in the Entry Hall (and it may also have been hidden behind a painting/picture).
  4. READ the Panel and look for the 2x 15A breakers that are joined with a metal clip and have the Words “HEAT PUMP”  or A/C” in the description tab.
  5. Push these firmly into the OFF position (opposite of every other breaker)
  6. WAIT – 1 minute and 30 Seconds and then push back firmly into the ON position of the 2 joined breakers.
  7. Your A/C will come back on within 10 full minutes – do NOT panic if it does not come back on immediately!

If you feel that your A/C is working, but only a very little amount of air is coming out of the vents, please call our office during business hours to report.

  1. The solution most likely to low air movement is a blocked filter – it can be vacuumed to clean it for a quick fix.
  2. Please do NOT remove filters and run the A/C without them as the radiators in the system will block very quickly.

What is a Heat Pump

Heat Pumps differ from home air conditioning units in so much that they use the ambient heat or cool of running water flowing through a radiator to achieve cooling or heating rather than just expanding and contracting gasses.
In times of extreme cold/hot weather, as most of our accommodations are in condominium building blocks, everyone of your fellow neighbours is also trying to cool/heat their suite down as well and this can put a “strain” on the cooling/heating system. Usually, it means that the cool or heat of the water is removed prematurely from the water circulation loop and it will take extra time to cool/heat your particular suite.
The cooling loops work off the ambient temperature of the looping water and so this is never at freezing or boiling temperatures, but somewhere in between. Please be patient and allow at least an hour for temperatures changes to happen.
Call our office during business hours to report any issues: 250-860-7368

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