Issues: Water has unexpectedly Shut off

Sinope -Water Shut off System

Your suite, identified on your check in document has been fitted with an Automatic Water Shut Off System by Sinope (Si-no-pay)

Once your water has been shut off, the system will need to be manually reset. Before resetting the system, the “water leak” will need to be rectified (stopped)

  1. Find the “hockey puck” water sensor that is beeping – (small square and white in colour as above).
  2. Identify the reason for the water “leak”
  3. Turn off any water sources that may be the cause of the leak – like the toilet fill valve comin our of the wall, or kitchen valves under the sink
  4. Dry off the bottom of the sensor and clean up water spill
  5. CALL the office to confirm the “leak” : 250-860-7368
  6. If it was a mishap – spilt water or toweling off after a shower, then you may reset the system yourself.
  7. Please see instuctions and identifications

Instructions: Sinope Water Shut Off

Identifications: Sinope Water Systems Identifying components.

  1. If you beleve the waterleak is ongoing – please call the office during buisiness hours: 250-860-7368 or after hours emergency: 778-436-8769.

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